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Push rod motor magnet D22*7*4mm

  • Brand: Courage magnet factory
  • Place of production: dongguan, guangdong
  • Material: injection ferrite
  • Shelf time:2019-5-10 10:09:30
  • Dongguan courage magnet factory produces and sells small motor magnets, induction magnet, hall induction speed measuring magnetic ring, push rod motor 4-pole injection magnetic ring, the product specification is 4-pole magnetization D22*7*4, outer dia
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Injection magnetic ferrite series: compound granulation with ferrite powder as raw material and polymer as matrix material.
1. Free of rare earth precious metals, rich in natural resources, with obvious cost advantages
No exclusion to human body
Stable performance, wide use
4. The raw material production process is mature and convenient for popularization and application
It has good compound property with polymer material, which is convenient for function optimization
Flexible magnetic orientation, optimize magnetic properties
Injection magnet is widely used in micro motor motor, hall induction device, etc.

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