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Injection Molded Magnetic Rotor of Motor

  • Supplier: courage magnet factory
  • Magnet material: injection ferrite
  • Working temperature: 120-150 °
  • Shelf time:2019-5-10 13:09:30
  • Dongguan courage magnet factory provides free injection molding magneto rotor, injection molding ferrite rotor price, is the floor fan, ceiling fan, extraction fan, cooling fan, fan, range hood motor and so on, are in the transformation application in
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Dongguan courage magnet manufacturer supplies various specifications of motor injection magnetic rotor, injection ferrite rotor, dc brushless motor rotor magnetic steel.Buy samples, custom mold welcome to consult!
Application of injection molding magnetic rotor:
Frequency conversion air conditioning motor rotor, rotor brushless dc motor, electric fan, floor fan motor rotor motor rotor, auto meter motor rotor, sensors, magnetic ring, magnetic ring, oil cylinder cylinder rotor magnetic ring, water pump motor, micro motor, a microcomputer used in magnets, copiers, printers, energy-saving induction cooker, smoke lampblack machine motor, instruments, meters, automobile lifting motor, household appliances, medical products, energy-saving lamps, as well as all areas of our daily life.
The difference between injection magnet and traditional sintering magnet lies in the following aspects: simple production process, high efficiency, different shapes, injection molding together with various metal inserts, product quality improvement, cost saving, environmental protection and energy saving.The be born in home appliance now fan, condole fan, take out fan, cool fan, blower, take out lampblack machine motor to wait a moment, in transition application injection model magnetism product, basically be: energy-saving, environmental protection, noise is small, cost is reduced.

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