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360 motor small arc magnet

  • Environmental certification: ROSH certification
  • Direction of magnetization: magnetization in the direction of radius
  • Whether magnetized: magnetized or non-magnetized delivery
  • Shelf time:2019-05-28 9:49:18
  • Specification and size of wet pressing 360 magnetic tile.Chord width: 22.6 (0.6, -0.4) mm.Axis height: 15 +0.4mm.Wall thickness: 4.25 (+0.1, -0.15) mm.Arch height: 9.4mm.Internal arc: R8.8mm.External arc: R13.1 + 0.1.
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Specification and size of wet pressing 360 magnetic tile
Chord width: 22.6 (0.6, -0.4) mm
Axis height: 15 +0.4mm
Wall thickness: 4.25 (+0.1, -0.15) mm
Arch height: 9.4mm
Internal arc: R8.8mm
External arc: R13.1 + 0.1
Core angle: 135 degrees
Some customers may have deviations in individual sizes. We welcome inquiries and quotations.
Our company's magnetic tile products have passed six EU ROSH environmental protection certification, by the SGS authority testing!

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