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Ferrite Magnetic Tile

China arc shaped ferrite magnet

  • Material: Ferrite
  • Grade: Y30, Y30BH, Y35, Y40
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Shelf time: 2019-08-30 14:19:22
  • We are a supplier of magnets in China, Plenty of experience and moulds., Welcome to inquire for samples or drawings to customize ferrite arc magnets.
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Product Description:
Type: Hard ferrite magnet (Ceramic)
Specifications: Custom-made dimension 
Grades: Y30,Y30BH,C1,C8 and so on 
Certificate: ISO9001:2008, MSDS, ROHS
Coating: None or Customized
Characteristics of Ferrite Arc Magnet
1. Low cost
2. High corrosion resistance
3. High working temperature
4.Best choice for industrial application
The main applications of ferrite magnetic tile are:
Applications: Home Appliance Motor, Automotive Motor, Industrial Automation, Office Automation Motor, Electric Vehicle Motor, Communication Equipment Motor, Audiovisual Digital Electronic Product Motor, Financial Equipment Motor, Aerospace Military Motor, Smart Home Motor, Medical Equipment Motor, Computer and Peripheral Products Motor, Toy Motor, Light Industry Machinery and Electricity Machine and Robot Motor.

We are china magnet supplier, Welcome to inquire for samples or drawings to customize ferrite arc magnets.

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