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Special Shaped NdFeB magnet

Galvanized comma magnet

  • Shape: irregular
  • Material: sintered ndfeb
  • Performance: N52
  • Shelf time:2019-05-30 10:32:08
  • Find high - difficulty magnet, abnormal magnet, high - performance ndfeb irregular magnet supplier, welcome to contact us to make samples.100% protection.
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What shapes can special magnets make?
There are many kinds of special-shaped strong magnets with small-knitting contacts, such as big and small-head magnets, double-layer and big-head magnets, charging-head magnets, runway special-shaped magnets, T-type magnets, hole special-shaped magnets, step special-shaped magnets, convex magnets, elliptical magnets, hexagonal magnets, side-punched magnets, cone, polygon magnets, V-shaped, biased holes, slotting and so on.
This website special-shaped strong magnet column collects all kinds of specifications of special-shaped Nd-Fe-B magnets, classical special-shaped magnets, high-definition special-shaped magnets pictures.

Welcome to contact us for purchasing magnets with complex shapes. If there is no style you want in the column, you can contact us for exclusive customization.

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