Special Shaped NdFeB magnet

Hardware shaft sleeve seals rotating magnet

  • Material: Rare earth Nd-Fe-B
  • Specification: Customized according to customer drawings or samples
  • Coating: Zinc, can be used as other coating
  • Shelf time:2019-05-24 14:22:22
  • This product is polygonal Nd-Fe-B magnet. It is suitable for sealing precision mechanical hardware sleeve. If you are interested in this product, you are welcome to consult and customize it.
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1. What are the common special magnets?
Common special-shaped magnets include large and small head magnets, T-type magnets, tangential angle magnets, semi-circular magnets, concave magnets, elliptical magnets, etc.
2. The working environment of magnets:
When choosing magnets, the appropriate Nd-Fe-B brand should be selected according to their working environment. If the working temperature is higher than the temperature endured by the brand for a long time, the magnets will be gradually demagnetized until no magnetism is found. Before ordering, please make sure that the working temperature of the magnets and the suitable material for your own use are good.
3. Magnetic force and surface coating:
At present, N35 performance is widely used and cost-effective. If the size of N35 can not be changed, the material performance can be improved to meet the product requirements. Carragher magnet is also very advantageous in high-performance materials. It has high magnetic properties and stable magnetism. It is determined not to replace high-performance materials with low-performance materials. Surface coating: if the surface requirements are met. Generally, zinc plating is used to protect the magnet. If the environment of the magnet is humid or there is a requirement of salt spray, nickel, copper and nickel plating, epoxy plating and so on can be adopted. The maximum salt spray resistance test of epoxy plating is 96 hours.
4. Production process of special magnet
Ingredients - smelting - forming - sintering - finishing - chamfering - electroplating - magnetizing - final packaging.
5. Price of Special-shaped Magnets
Due to the number and size of products, specifications and processing difficulties, the prices of different magnets will be different. Welcome to contact us!
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