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Ndfeb ring magnet

High-quality countersunk ring magnets

  • Material: rare earth ndfeb
  • Coating: NiCuNi
  • Environment: RoHS; SGS
  • Shelf time: 2019-10-24 16:12:29
  • The company specializes in the production of NdFeB strong magnets, can be customized brand n35-n45sh round, ring, countersunk hole shape, tile shape, shaped magnets. Good quality and reasonable price, welcome to inquire.
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1. Introduction to circular countersunk hole magnet;
Generally, the size of the round countersunk hole magnet is d for diameter, D1 for diameter, D2 for inner diameter of the straight hole, and h for thickness (height). The magnetic force of the round countersunk hole magnet defaults to the maximum magnetic force surface, that is, axial magnetization.
2. Working environment of magnet;
When selecting magnets, the appropriate brand of NdFeB should be selected according to their working environment. If the working temperature is higher than the temperature that the brand bears for a long time, the magnets will gradually demagnetize until they are non-magnetic. Before ordering, please make sure to confirm the working temperature and the appropriate materials for your own use.
3. Magnetic force and surface coating;
At present, N35 performance is widely used and cost-effective. If the magnetic force needs to be improved when the size cannot be changed, the material performance can be improved to meet the product requirements. Al magnetoelectricity has great advantages in high-performance materials, such as high magnetic performance and stable magnetism. It is determined not to replace high-performance materials with low-performance materials. Surface coating: if the surface requirements are not High, generally adopt galvanizing to protect the magnet. If the use environment of the magnet is wet or there are requirements for salt spray, nickel plating, epoxy plating, etc. can be adopted. The highest salt spray resistance of epoxy plating can be tested for 96 hours.

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