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Ndfeb circular magnet

Various colours of epoxy magnets

  • Material: Rare earth Nd-Fe-B magnet
  • Coating color: red, blue, green, grey
  • Salt fog resistance time: 72H
  • Shelf time:2019-08-22 13:32:41
  • The epoxy magnet has good salt fog resistance, no hanging point and many kinds of colors.Welcome to contact courage for consultation and customize epoxy magnets.
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Where are the main magnets for epoxy resin treatment?
As Xiaofu knows, it is mainly used in more stringent elevators, compressors, motor and other fields.
Characteristics of Magnets Coated with Epoxy Resin
1. High temperature resistance 380 C. (Temperature Resistance of Non-Magnets)
2. Solvent resistance.
3. Multicolor. We usually see black epoxy, in fact, there are other colors, but not common, such as gray, red and other colors.
4. No hanging point.
5. Salt fog resistance 72H.
6. Coating thickness 15-25um.

Welcome to contact courage for consultation and customize epoxy magnets.

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