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Neodymium block magnets

Nd-Fe-B double-hole magnet

  • Surface treatment: galvanized and nickel plated (beautiful and not rusty)
  • Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces
  • Delivery time: 10-15 days
  • Shelf time:2019-05-9 17:22:20
  • This product is made of NNdFeB cubes with sinking holes and nickel plating on the surface. Specifications, performance and temperature resistance can be produced according to your requirements. Consultation price is welcome.
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Product Name: Nd-Fe-B block perforation and sinking
Performance: N35-N52
Magnetization Direction: Thickness Magnetization
Surface treatment: galvanized and nickel plated (beautiful and not rusty)
NdFeB inquiry process (square or round, perforated (sinking or straight), non-perforated, magnetic ball) shape specification size performance whether to perforate pore properties coating other special requirements quantity quotation
Magnets belong to non-standard products. Each magnet product is manufactured and processed according to customers'needs. Each customer has different needs for magnetic products, such as: magnetizing mode, tolerance, magnetic force, surface requirements, plating requirements, salt fog resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. Carragher Magnets manufacturer specializes in customizing Nd-Fe-B strong magnets and permanent magnet Ferrites for customers. Multipole magnetic rings of magnets and motors.
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