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Square sink hole NdFeB strong magnets

  • Magnet material: sintered ndfeb
  • Origin: China (mainland)
  • Direction of magnetization: thickness magnetization
  • Shelf time:2019-5-21 13:09:27
  • Product name: ndfeb square drilling strong magnet.Neodymium magnets are available in all shapes and sizes, including square, annular, curved, and profiled shapes.
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Product name: ndfeb square drilling strong magnet
Magnet material: sintered ndfeb
Brand name: Courage
Origin: China (mainland)
Performance: high coercive force, the highest working temperature is 200 ℃
Nd-fe-b magnets: n35-n52, 33-48m, 33h-48h, 30sh-45sh, 30uh-38uh, 30eh-35eh
USES: motor, rotor, sensor, wind turbine, wind generator, loudspeaker, magnetic hook and support.

Neodymium magnet has all kinds of shapes and sizes, including square, ring, arc and shaped. Please contact us if you need price.

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