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Square high-strength magnet with hole

  • Performance: N35
  • Specification: According to drawings or samples
  • Minimum order: 1000
  • Shelf time:2019-08-06 16:22:20
  • This product is NdFeB square magnet with holes. The magnet performance is N35. The surface is nickel plated and magnetized in large area. If you have similar product order requirements, please contact us!
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Brief Introduction of Square High-strength Magnets with Holes:
Square size refers to length (L)*width (W)*height (H) -D1/D2. F is generally used to represent the square. For example, F30 *20 *3mm-D5/d3.5mm means that the rectangular magnet is 30mm long, 20mm wide, 3mm thick (height), 5mm diameter of sinking hole and 3.5mm diameter of straight hole. Generally, the last default number is the direction of magnetization of the magnet. The direction of magnetization of F30 *20 *3mm square magnet is 3. Magnetizing in the direction of thickness (height). The N-S pole is on the two largest surfaces, i.e. 30 x 20 mm, with N pole on one side and S pole on the other.
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