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Neodymium block magnets

Neodymium rectangular strong magnet

  • Specification: Customization
  • Magnetization Direction: Thickness Direction
  • Coating: Zinc/Nickel/Nickel/Copper/Nickel/Epoxy, etc.
  • Shelf time: 2019-06-28 14:43:42
  • This magnet product is rectangular strong magnet, nickel-plated surface, specifications, temperature resistance can be customized according to customer requirements.
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Introduction to Rectangular Magnets:
Usually F is used to denote the square. For example, F8 *4 *2mm means that the rectangular magnet is 8mm long, 4mm wide and 2mm thick. Generally, the last default number is the direction of magnetization of the magnet. For F8 *4 *2mm square magnet, the direction of magnetization is 2, that is, the direction of thickness (height) magnetization. The N-S pole is on the two largest surfaces, i.e. 8 x 4 mm, with N pole on one side and S pole on the other.
2. Magnet working environment:
When choosing magnets, the appropriate Nd-Fe-B brand should be selected according to their working environment. If the working temperature is higher than the temperature endured by the brand for a long time, the magnets will be gradually demagnetized until no magnetism. Before ordering, please make sure that the working temperature and the material suitable for your own use are good.
3. Magnetic force and surface coating:
At present, N35 performance is widely used and cost-effective. If the size can not be changed, the material performance can be improved to meet the product requirements. Al magnetoelectrics also has great advantages in high-performance materials, such as high magnetic properties, stable magnetic properties, resolutely not using low-performance materials to replace high-performance materials, surface coating: if the surface requirements are not met High, usually galvanized to protect the magnet. If the magnet is used in a humid environment or with salt spray requirements, nickel-plated copper-nickel, epoxy-plated can be used. The maximum salt spray resistance test of epoxy-plated can be 96 hours.

The magnetization mode of neodymium rectangular magnet;
Magnetization mode and production cycle of ndfeb block magnet are introduced