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Neodymium Arc Magnets

High temperature resistant arc neodymium magnet

  • Material: sintered Nd-Fe-B
  • Performance: N45SH
  • Working temperature: below 150 degrees
  • Shelf time:2019-5-27 14:09:33
  • Motor magnetic tile is one of the main products supplied by Dongguan Courage Magnet Factory. The material of magnetic tile (sintered Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile ferrite magnetic tile bonded Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile) can be proofed or mass produced according to
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Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile is often used in some high-performance motors. It usually needs high temperature resistance, some may be 100 degrees, some may be 180 degrees. If someone asks why Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile is high temperature resistant, I will tell him that Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile has relatively high Nd-Fe content, so its intrinsic coercivity is high. Dy-Fe belongs to rare earth element, and its distribution is less, and it is non-renewable. Resources, because of their own scarce value, also created a high price of dysprosium iron rare earth elements. 
Generally speaking, Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile requires high magnetic force and temperature resistance. For temperature resistance, any Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile can only reach 200 degrees. Some people may think that, since the temperature resistance of Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile is determined by the content of dysprosium iron, the temperature resistance of Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile can certainly exceed 200 degrees with the addition of more dysprosium iron, but the fact is not so simple. Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile is not only a rare earth element containing Nd-Fe, but also Nd, B, Pd and other rare earth elements occupy an important proportion. Among them, Nd and B can contain a certain amount of magnetic energy, which is the key to determine the magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile.
The company undertakes customized Nd-Fe-B high-strength magnetic tile of various specifications, high temperature resistant magnetic tile, large size magnetic tile, perforated motor magnetic tile, welcome to consult the offer of magnetic tile!

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