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Rubber Magnet

Motor vibration disk magnetic strip

  • Product material: rubber soft magnetic strip
  • Direction of magnetization: double-sided magnetism
  • Production time: 7-10 days
  • Shelf time: 2019-9-27 9:15:19
  • Product name:double-sided magnetic strong magnetic strip heterosexual rubber soft magnetic strip. Product shape: long strip. Magnetization direction: double-sided magnetic, welcome to consult, buy!
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Introduction to rubber magnetic strip;
Rubber magnetic stripe is a kind of magnetic stripe, mainly used in the refrigerator, kitchen appliances and sanitary facilities, doors and Windows and other door seal rubber cover, because of its moderate suction, and plastic cover into the door seal, sealing performance is good, temperature adapt to a wide range, easy to open, durable, and therefore widely used in various industries.
The main components of rubber magnetic strip are 85%~92% barium (strontium) ferrite magnetic powder and 5%~9%CPE. Its shape, magnetic pole and suction, etc. require different types of different shapes and characteristics, most of which are in the form of single-sided multi-pole flat form, and the supply state is generally in the form of coiled or coiled disc.
Use method;
Cut with scissors directly, length according to the needs of each person, after cutting 2 magnetic strips can be completely on the suction. Magnetic stripe NS grade, such as can not be on the suction, change direction can be.

PS:This product is double-sided magnetic strong magnetic stripe.


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