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Ferrite Circular Magnets

Ferrite round magnet Dia 18mm x 3mm

  • Magnet material: sintered ferrite
  • Direction of magnetization: thickness magnetization
  • Supplier: courage magnet factory
  • Shelf time:2019-5-13 15:09:39
  • Ferrite permanent magnet has the advantages of low cost, low price, low cost of raw materials, good temperature stability, not easy to rust, high anisotropic constant of magnetic crystal, high coercivity Hc and so on.
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[product name] : ferrite permanent magnet refrigerator stick black magnetic general magnetic magnet D18*3
[product size] : diameter 18 mm, thickness 3 mm
[product material] : sintered ferrite
[performance grade] : y20-y25-y30-y35
[magnetization direction] : thickness magnetization
[operating temperature] : no more than 200 degrees.
[magnet price] : ferrite price is cheaper, welcome to bring the volume inquiry.
The company website magnet products are courage magnet manufacturers direct sales, existing ferrite magnet specifications can be free to send samples, if you need a large amount of wholesale customers, please contact customer service, the factory can be customized magnets of various specifications.

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