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Ferrite Circular Magnets

Y30BH Ferrite discs 40mm in diameter, height 10 mm

  • Performance Brand: Y30BH
  • Pull Force:: 2.135 kg
  • Gauss: 1150gs
  • Shelf time:2019-08-21 10:32:11
  • Introduction of D40*10 ferrite disc;Name: Permanent magnet ferrite circular ordinary disc magnet.Performance Brand: Y30BH.Pull Force:: 2.135 kg.Gauss: 1150gs
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Introduction of D40*10 ferrite disc;
Name: Permanent magnet ferrite circular ordinary disc magnet
Performance Brand: Y30BH
Working temperature: less than 200 degrees Celsius
Magnetization Direction: Axial Thickness Direction Magnetization (NS Pole on the Maximum Surface)
Pull Force:: 2.135 kg
Gauss: 1150gs
Matters needing attention:
Ferrite magnet is fragile, with slight angle drop, it is normal, especially thin sheet, long strip, more attention should be paid to the operation, when separating magnet, like sliding cover mobile phone, it should not be directly broken off, keep a certain distance after separating.

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