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Ferrite Circular Magnets

Ceramic ferrite circular D15x5mm

  • Material: Sintered Ferrite
  • Type: Permanent magnets
  • Specification: 15mm in diameter and 5mm in thickness
  • Shelf time:2019-08-21 10:32:09
  • Introduction of D15*5 Ferrite circular.Product Name: Ferrite Permanent Magnet Ferromagnetism.Product size: 15mm in diameter and 4mm in thickness.Standard tolerance : +/-2%.Also stricter tolerance are possible if special requested.
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Introduction of D15*5 Ferrite circular
Product Name: Ferrite Permanent Magnet Ferromagnetism
Product size: 15mm in diameter and 5mm in thickness.
Performance Brand: Y25-Y30-Y35
Magnetization Direction: Thickness Magnetization [N S Pole on the Maximum Two Surfaces]
Usage: refrigerator stickers, leather goods, bags, gift boxes

Tolerance of Ferrite Magnet 
Standard tolerance : +/-2% 
Also stricter tolerance are possible if special requested. 
Surface coating of Ferrite Magnet
Ferrite Magnet,also called Ceramic magnet, there is no surface coating. They do not require Surface treatment. 

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