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Ferrite Ring Magnets

Large ceramic ring magnets

  • Material: ferrite
  • Plating/Coating: Not Plated
  • Max Working Temp: 250°C
  • Shelf time: 2019-09-25 10:32:09
  • This product is large size ring magnet, large size ceramic ring magnet, minimum order quantity 1.Relevant Large Size Ferrite Ring; Large size ferrite ring D220*d110*20, Large Ferrite Ring with Holes
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Introduction of large size ceramic annular ferrite;
Ceramic large ring magnets can operate in higher temperature applications where a strong magnetic field is not needed. Ceramic is low cost, but the lower magnetic field produced by ceramic / ferrite magnets requires a larger size to get the field required.

Large size ceramic ring ferrite applications;
Ferrite large-ring magnets are widely used in many applications, including motor magnets, sensor magnets, hobby magnets, laboratory magnets, industrial magnets and speaker magnets.

What kinds of large size annular ferrites do you have?
There are many specifications of ferrite ring magnets in our factory, Conventional sizes are available in stock,
 If you need special specifications, please contact us for quotation.

Relevant Large Size Ferrite Ring;
Large size ferrite ring D220*d110*20         
   Large Ferrite Ring with Holes