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Strontium ferrite ring magnet for speaker

  • Material: Fe2O3,SrO
  • Certification: ROHS,SGS
  • Manufacturer: Courage Magnet
  • Shelf time: 2019-09-23 16:12:25
  • This magnet product is a speaker ferrite ring magnet, provided by the magnet manufacturer Courage magnet. If you have the purchase demand for speaker magnet, please contact us for quotation and provide samples.
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Horn(speaker) magnets are mostly ring magnets and have many materials, but Y25 material is widely used.
Characteristics of Ferrite Y25 Material:
It has high magnetic properties, low cost, and can save a lot of precious metals. It is a promising non-metallic magnetic material in the field of high frequency and weak current.
Specification of horn (loudspeaker) ring magnet:
In this brief description, loudspeaker magnet specifications have external diameter: 13mm ~ 220mm, internal diameter: 6mm ~ 120mm, thickness: 3mm ~ 25mm, which contains many specifications, not listed here.
The ring horn magnet is also divided into two types: the same nature and the opposite sex. The performance is different. The operating temperature and price of the product are different. Therefore, the following points should be known when ordering the ring horn magnet:
1: Estimated temperature and humidity of magnet working environment, and special requirements of assembly;
2: Require the quality requirements of magnet, such as performance, specification, dimension tolerance, surface treatment, etc.
3: What are your acceptance criteria or inspection methods?
4: Special requirements for transportation and packaging;
5: Batch size.
In addition to Y25 material, we can also produce Y30/Y30BH/Y33/Y35 material of high-performance horn ring magnet.

Relevant horn magnet product specifications;
Loudspeaker ring magnet D70*32*10

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