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Large size ferrite ring with 3 holes

  • Material: Permanent magnet ferrite
  • Magnetization: Axial
  • Surface treatment: none
  • Shelf time: 2019-6-26 16:29:36
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Product Name: Large Ring Ferrite Perforated Magnetic Ring with Holes
Product performance: Y30
Density: 4.9
Curie temperature: 450
Purpose: Machinery and equipment
The large ferrite ring is briefly introduced.
Its main raw materials include BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19. Made by ceramic process, the material is hard and brittle. Ferrite magnet has become the most widely used permanent magnet because of its good temperature resistance, low price and moderate performance.
The advantages (advantages) of ferrite magnets are introduced.
1. Low cost, low price. Raw materials are cheap.
2. The temperature stability is good. It can be used at - 40 degrees Celsius and + 350 degrees Celsius.
3. Just mentioned not to rust.
4. The demagnetization curve is approximately a straight line.
5. Light weight, density (4.6-5.1) X103kg/M3
6. The anisotropic constants of magnetocrystals are large.
7. High coercivity Hc (between Al-Ni-Co alloy and RE-Co permanent magnet)

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