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Ferrite Block Magnets

Block ceramics magnet for reed switch

  • Material: anisotropic ferrite
  • Purpose: door magnetic induction
  • Shape: bar,Block
  • Shelf time:2019-5-23 10:09:36
  • This product is a ferrite box, mainly used for door magnet, reed switch, specifications can be customized on demand.See more Specifications of ceramic block ferrite magnets.
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This product is a ferrite box, mainly used for door magnet, reed, specifications can be customized on demand.
Permanent ferrite magnet is relatively complex, the production and processing needs a mould to produce. Permanent magnet ferrite square magnet can be cut according to the specifications and sizes required by customers. At the same time, permanent magnet ferrite magnet can be grinded and chamfered according to customer requirements. Permanent magnet ferrite magnet can not drill holes because of its non-conductive physical characteristics, so it can not be carried out. WEDM, all special-shaped processing must rely on grinding wheel, fixture grinding to achieve.

See more 
Specifications of ceramic block ferrite magnets.

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