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  • Material:Ferrite Material
  • Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Coating:None
  • Shelf time:2019-5-21 10:09:36
  • Cutting ferrite magnets are mainly used in what areas?Mainly used for door magnetic alarm, induction components, magnetic suction seat, door gear, automatic components, DIY components, health magnetic therapy, magnetic tools, magnetic debris separator
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Product name: Y30BH ferrite block magnet, square ferrite magnet wholesale
Direction of magnetization: the block is magnetized in the direction of specified thickness.
Magnet size: customized (mold is needed for special specifications)
Environmental certification: ROSH certification, MSDS certification.Product features: low unit price, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, never demagnetization.
The main product material has Y25 Y30 Y30BH Y35 and other properties, can produce cylindrical, circular, rectangular shape, flat, tile (ferrite magnetic tile), cutting magnetic, all products through the eu ROSH environmental certification.

Permanent magnetic ferrite process is relatively complicated, the production process needs a mold to produce, permanent magnet ferrite squares can according to customer requirements of the specifications of the size of cutting processing, at the same time, permanent magnet ferrite magnets can according to customer requirements for edge grinding, chamfering processing, such as permanent magnetic ferrite magnets to punch, because the physical properties of non-conductive, so also cannot undertake wire-cutting processing, special-shaped processing all must depend on the grinding wheel, fixture. 

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