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Multi-polar magnetic ring

Axial ferrite ring with 6 poles

  • Material: sintered ferrite
  • Magnetizing mode: axial 6 pole
  • Purpose: DVD movement
  • Shelf time:2019-05-23 10:12:25
  • This product is axial six-stage magnetization, magnetic field intensity is 1000 +200 Gauss, strong magnetic surface has a small pit. The specifications also have four levels of magnetization, there are ready-made samples, customers interested in this
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Product Name: DVD Core Magnetic Ring Ferrite Axial Hexapole Magnetic Ring D30*16*5
Magnet specifications: 30 mm outside diameter, 16 mm inside diameter, 5 mm thickness (other specifications can also be produced)
Magnet Tolerance: +0.1mm
Magnetic field strength: 1000 +200 Gauss
Technical Requirements: The magnetic ring is divided into six grades. There is a small pit on the strong magnetic surface, and the temperature resistance is 120 degrees.
Multipolar magnetic rings are magnetized by special magnetizers on the top of hard magnetic rings. The effect of magnetization is related to the properties of magnetic rings and magnetizers. The magnitude of magnetic energy product and hysteresis attenuation are related to the above situation.
If you have DVD/VCD multi-pole magnetic ring procurement needs, please call for advice.

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