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Multi-polar magnetic ring

Ferrite anisotropic multipolar ring magnets

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  • Product Name: Y30 Y35 ferrite anisotropic multipole ring magnet.Application: industry, motor, jewelry, earphone, loudspeaker, washing machine, fan, submersible, etc.
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Product Name: Y30 Y35 ferrite anisotropic multipole ring magnet
Materials: Fe2O3, SrCO3, etc.
Size: Custom
Shape: ring, tube, etc.
Density: 4.9g/cm 3
Application: industry, motor, Instrument, dishwasher, water meter, washing machine, fan, submersible, etc.
Packing standard: by sea or air, such as carton, iron box, wooden box, etc.

After the hairy embryo of heterosexual ferrite magnetic ring in die pressing production, it needs a supporting magnetizing fixture to realize radial multipole magnetization. Generally, the mold cost of opening a set of conventional ferrite radial multipole magnetic ring is about 18000-25000 yuan, and the mold cost of different products due to different requirements is also different.

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