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Multi-polar magnetic ring

Magnetic Ring of Synchronous Motor

  • Material: Ferrite
  • Magnetization mode: radial multipole
  • Origin: Dongguan, China
  • Shelf time: 2019-08-12 15:12:40
  • This product is a synchronous motor magnetic ring, which is made of ferrite and magnetized by radial multipole. If you are interested in this product, please contact Courage Magnet Manufacturer by mail.
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Magnets: Material made of BaO or SrO and Fe2O3.
Surface treatment: The corrosion resistance of ferrite is considered to be good and no surface treatment is required.
Shape and Size: Ring shape, product can be customized, please provide the size you need.
Magnet tolerance: +/3% is common, +/-0.25 mm is also common, available tolerances depend on the size and shape of the magnet.
Magnetization direction: The direction of magnetization includes axial magnetization, radial magnetization and multipolar magnetization.
Applications: Permanent magnet ferrites are widely used in aerospace, electronics, motors, instruments, equipment and other fields.
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