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Multi-polar magnetic ring

Axial four-pole magnetic ring with concave points

  • Specification size: D21.2*7.5*3
  • Magnetizing mode: axial 4 pole
  • Magnetic field strength: 1050gs
  • Shelf time:2019-05-31 10:12:25
  • This product is axial 4 pole magnetized ferrite, magnet specification: outer diameter of 21.2mm, inner diameter of 7.5mm, thickness of 3mm, magnetic force of 1050gs, interested in this product welcome to consult!
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Product Name: 2 pairs of pole ferrite magnets, 4 pole ferrite rings
Product Material: Sintered Ferrite
Specification of magnet: outer diameter 21.2 mm, inner diameter 7.5 mm, thickness 3 mm
Magnetic field strength: 1050gs
Surface treatment: Ferrite magnets have excellent corrosion resistance and need no treatment.
Is it as it is: consulting customer service, the actual answer is correct!
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