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Bonded NdFeb Magnets

Motor sensing bonded ndfeb magnet

  • Material: bonded ndfeb
  • Features: precise size, free forming, magnetic uniform
  • Origin: dongguan, China
  • Shelf time:2019-5-22 14:09:32
  • Buy multi-pole ndfeb magnetic ring, bonding ndfeb radial multi-pole magnetic ring custom, welcome to contact Courage magnet manufacturers.The company specializes in bonded ndfeb production, sales, products used in automotive instrumentation, sensors,
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Product introduction
Bonded NdFeB is a composite NdFeB permanent magnet made by mixing NdFeB powder with resin, plastic or low melting point metal and other binders evenly, and then compression, extrusion or injection moulding. The product can be directly shaped into various complex shapes without secondary processing. It can be processed into Nd-Fe-B compression and injection moulds.
Product features: high remanence, high coercivity, high magnetic energy product, precise size, free molding, uniform magnetic, good corrosion resistance, easy to mass production.
Product Applications: Computer CD-ROM, Electric Vehicle, High Quality Audio, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Sensors, Micro-Special Motor and Automation Instruments, Electric Equipment, Audio Equipment, etc.
If you need to buy it, please consult Wangwang. According to the specific size of the drawings, the specific price is quoted.
1. The vast majority of all magnetic products do not support online ordering;
2. Because the magnetic material is expensive and the whole sintering process is complex and consumes a lot of materials, it is necessary to charge three times of the unit price of the product for demanding the sample plate.
3. If you need to pay the model fee online, please ask the customer service personnel to modify the product information and send a link to take pictures.
4. Customized magnet product quotation needs to provide drawings, if there is no drawings, please inform specifications and sizes, grade performance, coating requirements, magnetizing direction, temperature resistance requirements, tolerance requirements, order quantity, application areas, etc.


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