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Bonded NdFeb Magnets

Radial 8 pole ring neodymium magnet

  • Magnetizing mode: radial 8 pole
  • Material: bonded ndfeb
  • Grade: BN-6 to BN-12
  • Shelf time:2019-5-22 14:09:32
  • This product is radial 8-pole ndfeb with black epoxy treatment on the surface. If you have any sample quotation, please call karage!
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Characteristics of bonded NdFeB:
1. High accuracy;
2. Excellent magnetism;
3. The working temperature is stable.
4. Good corrosion resistance and smooth surface.

Working temperature
The maximum working temperature of bonded ndfeb magnet is about 150-160, depending on the number of powder pressing molding, some resistance of 120 degrees, the same as sintered ndfeb, brand different temperature is not the same!

Compressed magnet is widely used in stepping motor, CD-ROM spindle motor, general motor, vibration motor, wave picker, HDD spindle motor, FDD spindle motor and other fields because of its simple mould and strong magnetism.

The company can provide epoxy resin electrophoresis, acrylic resin electrophoresis, epoxy resin spraying, teflon spraying, parilin deposition, vacuum impregnation and other coating and surface treatment process, so that the product can meet the daily and different working environment long-term corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, friction resistance and other requirements.Specific coating requirements can be selected and superimposed according to the requirements of the service environment.

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