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Bonded NdFeb Magnets

Step motor multipole magnetic ring

  • Material: bonded ndfeb
  • Magnetizing mode: radial multi-pole
  • Origin: guangdong, China
  • Shelf time:2019-5-22 14:09:32
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Bonded ndfeb products introduction;
Bonded ndfeb is less magnetic than sintered ndfeb, but can be made into magnets with high precision and complex shapes.Bonded ndfeb raw materials from rare earth magnetic powder and resin mixture, by the press compression molding, molding without magnetic field arrangement, so magnetic direction is not limited.

Bonded ndfeb magnetization can be divided into: thickness magnetization, radial multipole magnetization (external or internal), radiation (radiation ring), plane multipole magnetization, paired magnetization (tile magnet), oblique radiation ring charge.
What are the physical properties of bonded ndfeb?
Density of bonded ndfeb: 5.8-6.2g/cm3
Bonded ndfeb Curie temperature: 310-340 ℃
Hardness of bonded ndfeb: 80-120hv
Bonded ndfeb resistivity: 0.026 Ω. Cm
Compressive strength of bonded ndfeb: 3kgf/mn2
Bonded ndfeb bending resistance: 25kg/mn
Courage advantage: various specifications of brushless motor magnetic steel, stepper motor magnetic steel, hall induction magnet, bonded magnetic ring.Widely used in automobile motor (wiper, window, start, warm air, condensation, fuel pump and chair motor), speaker, sound, speaker, shaver, fitness equipment, magneto car, generator, dc motor, various water pump motor, water jet motor, solar water jet motor,Computer hard drives, handicraft, microphone, earphone, machinery, loudspeaker, security systems, door suction, suspension maglev, motor, generator, sensors, health care, magnetic separator, lifting device, starting motor, ABS system, eddy current devices, brake, alternator, instrumentation, magnetic clamp, electric cars, switching power supplies, relay broadcast equipment, cylindrical magnet, cleaning machine, toys and other fields.

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