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Bonded NdFeb Magnets

Multipole magnetic ring for automation equipment

  • Magnet Material: Bonded Nd-Fe-B
  • Brand: BNP-3, BNP-6, BNP-8, BNP-8SR, BNP-9H, BNP-10, BNP-11, BNP-12L
  • Supplier: Courage Magnets
  • Shelf time: 2019-07-01 14:12:29
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Introduction of multipolar Nd-Fe-B magnets;
The bonded die-pressed Nd-Fe-B magnet has high dimensional accuracy and magnetic uniformity. It can be made into complex shapes which are difficult to be machined. It is easy to be integrated with other parts, and has good consistency in mass production. It has the characteristics of various magnetizing modes (axial or radial filling or internal filling), low eddy current loss and strong corrosion resistance.
The application of bonded NdFeB is introduced.
The bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets are mainly used in information technology industries such as computer hard disk and CD drive spindle motors, printer/copier motors and magnetic rollers, as well as drive and control components of frequency conversion energy-saving household appliances and consumer electronics. The application of Nd-Fe-B magnets in micro-motors and sensors of new energy vehicles is gradually becoming a new mainstream market.
Characteristics of bonded NdFeB;
1. The magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B module are much higher than that of ferrite.
2. Nd-Fe-B module has good dimensional accuracy.
3. Nd-Fe-B module can be multipole magnetized.
4. High working temperature, Tw = 150 C;
5. Good corrosion resistance;
Brand: BNP-3, BNP-6, BNP-8, BNP-8SR, BNP-9H, BNP-10, BNP-11, BNP-12L


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