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Bonded NdFeb Magnets

Automatic door motor magnetic steel

  • Material: bonded ndfeb
  • Magnetizing mode: radial multipole
  • Magnet specifications: according to customer drawings specifications, technical requirements.
  • Shelf time:2019-05-31 10:12:25
  • Our company undertakes all kinds of motor rotor magnetic steel, bonding multipole magnetic ring processing customization, there are many ready-made specifications of molds, welcome the boss contact!For more pictures of bonded ndfeb products go to magn
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Product Name: Automatic door motor, magnet motor, bonded multi-pole magnetic ring
Magnet specifications: Customized according to customer drawing specifications and technical requirements.
Magnetization mode: radial multipole magnetization
Magnet Material: Bonded Nd-Fe-B
Delivery date: 30-45 days
Magnet Uses: Widely used in automotive motors (wipers, rocking windows, startup, warm air, condensation, fuel pump and chair motor), loudspeakers, audio, speakers, shavers, fitness equipment magnetron, generators, DC motors, various pump motors, water jet motors, solar water jet motors, computer hard disk drives, crafts, microphones, headphones, machinery, loudspeakers, etc. Safety systems, motors, generators, sensors, health care, magnetic separators, lifting devices, starting motors, ABS systems, eddy current devices, brakes, alternators, meters, electric vehicles, switching power supply, relay equipment, canned magnets, cleaning machines, toys and other fields.
Customer orders bonded NdFeB magnetic rings need to provide quantity, performance, size, coating, magnetization direction requirements!


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