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Temperature characteristics and temperature coefficient of ferrite magnets

I saw some people on the Internet asking about the temperature characteristics and temperature coefficient of ferrite (the percentage of reversible change in magnetic properties when the temperature changes by 1°C is called the temperature coefficient of magnetic materials), today I will introduce you to this article.
Ferrite magnets have a positive temperature coefficient of intrinsic coercivity (relative to the environment, the variation range is +0.27% / degrees Celsius), and only ferrite can express this characteristic so much. However, the magnetic output will decrease as the temperature rises (its negative temperature coefficient of induction is -0.2%/degree Celsius. The end result is that ferrite magnets can be used at high temperatures with almost no problems.
Ferrite Circular Magnets

Ferrite magnets can be used at temperatures up to +250 degrees Celsius (up to +300 degrees Celsius in some cases), so they are very suitable for motors and most high-temperature applications. At temperatures below zero, for example, below -10 to -20 degrees Celsius, ferrite magnets may begin to exhibit reduced tensile strength. That is, the temperature and the degree of attenuation depend on the shape of the magnet and are application specific. In most applications, the operating temperature is not high enough to produce this effect.

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