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Application and common specifications of ferrite rotor magnet for motor

The ferrite radial multi-pole magnet ring is one of the main products developed by our company (Carriage Magnet). For many years, it has been well received by customers. The company attaches great importance to the performance of each pole of the magnet product and the stability of the magnetic curve to ensure The installed performance of the product is stable.

Introduction to the use of radial permanent ferrite rotor magnet
Commonly used: washing machine water pump, dishwasher water pump, aquarium submersible pump, micro water pump, automobile motor, electronic instrument, etc.

Introduction to other common specifications and uses of ferrite rotor magnets

Common specifications are:
D20×d11.6×24.8 24 poles (for inverter air conditioner motor rotor)
D16×d11.9×12.9 10 poles (instrument motor rotor)
D20×d15×16 24 poles (rotor of inverter air conditioner motor)
D54×d35.5×25.7 8-pole (rotor of cabinet air conditioner motor)
D22×d18×27 24 poles (rotor of inverter air conditioner motor)
D63×φ50×40 4 poles (Rotor of Santana automobile engine motor)
D16×φ5×20 4 poles (automobile sunroof motor)
D16×φ5×28 4 poles (motor rotor magnet)
D21*d6*32 4 poles (rockery fountain water pump motor)
Note: The above specifications only introduce some common specifications, and do not mean that our company has all of them. Usually there will be more close ones. Because there are too many magnet specifications and sizes, please contact our online customer service if you need ferrite rotor magnet samples.

Ferrite rotor magnet sample;
Radial 8 pole ferrite rotor with height of 40 / 42mm
Plastic magnet rotor with shaft

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