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Factors affecting the suction force of permanent magnets

Many customers who came to inquire about the magnet’s attraction asked the most about how many Gauss can attract, or send a specification to ask how much it can attract. This is introduced in previous articles. If you are interested, you can click to understand. Today’s main Let’s talk about what the magnet’s suction is related to? It can also be said that the factors that affect it.

The vast majority of people's knowledge of magnets is the force between the magnetic poles and the magnetic field on ferromagnetic objects. In fact, in addition to the conventional surface magnetism, magnetic flux and magnetic moment, attraction can also be used as a relative measurement of magnetic properties in specific applications. The attraction of permanent magnets can be roughly calculated by certain formulas, and some foreign companies have also introduced formulas for calculating the attraction of magnets.

What is the main attraction of permanent magnets?
1. Type (shape) and grade of magnet;
2. The magnetic pole area of ​​the magnet;
3. The working temperature range of the magnet;
4. The air gap between the magnet and the test steel plate. According to the finite element analysis results, the suction force of the permanent magnet decreases with the increase of the air gap, and even a small air gap will have a huge impact on the suction force.
The influence of air gap on magnet attraction
5. Test the steel plate. The test steel plate should use low-carbon steel with high magnetic permeability and sufficient thickness to avoid magnetic saturation. In addition, the flatness and roughness of the tested steel plate are the source of the air gap and are easily overlooked.
The above is the introduction about the attraction of magnets. The article information comes from the Internet.

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