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What's the use of powerful neodymium ring magnets?

Strong magnetic ring is a kind of strong rare earth magnet, round shape and hollow in the center. The magnetic performance of strong ring magnet (neodymium iron boron) far exceeds other permanent magnet materials. Due to its high magnetic strength, neodymium ring magnets have replaced other magnetic materials in many applications to make the design smaller while achieving the same results.

What is the use of a strong magnetic ring magnet?
strong magnetic ring magnet

Powerful ring magnets can be charged axially and radially. They are often used in scientific experiments, motors, consumer electronics, magnetic levitation, magnetic sensors, high-end audio equipment, surgical instruments and industrial, medical, aerospace and other fields, playing an important role.

Our company can produce various ring-shaped neodymium magnets with different outer diameters, inner diameters and heights. The maximum specification can be more than 200mm. The surface treatment can be uncoated, three-layer coating (Ni-Cu-Ni) nickel surface treatment or black. Epoxy, etc. to obtain the best corrosion resistance, please contact us if you need to know the price.

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