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The position and function of magnet in float switch

Float switch is a kind of switch with simple structure and easy-to-use liquid level control parts composed of reed switch and float. Today we mainly talk about the magnet part in it, such as the material of the magnet, the installation position, and the main function .
What is a float switch magnet?
To put it simply, the magnet used in the float switch is called the float switch magnet. The material is mostly ferrite and ring shape. Depending on the application, the type of float is also different, such as PP, stainless steel and so on.

Where is the magnet (magnetic ring) installed on the float switch?
Magnet installation position
For the relevant position of the reed switch in the rod diameter, attach a diagram of the installation position.

What is the role of the magnet in the float switch?
Usually, one or more reed switches are installed in a sealed non-magnetic metal or plastic tube as required, and then a hollow float with a ring magnet inside is fixed on the relevant position of the reed switch in the rod diameter, so that the float is in a certain position. Floating up and down in the range, the magnet in the float is used to attract the closing of the reed switch to produce a switching action to control the liquid level. For example, when the magnet moves, it will drive the reed switch to open or close, thereby realizing power on/off control.

Reminder: Since the magnet is used to induce the reed switch, the liquid under test has no iron filings, otherwise it will affect the action of the float switch.

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