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Advantages and physical properties of injection molded NdFeB magnets

Before talking about the advantages and physical properties of injection molded NdFeB magnet, let's talk about this magnet. It is a new composite material made of NdFeB magnetic powder, plastic (nylon, PPS, etc.) polymer materials by special process. It is mainly used in sensor, brushless motor, automobile electronic accelerator pedal, automobile instrument, automobile instrument drive, automobile tachometer, fuel meter and other fields .
Advantages of injection molded NdFeB magnets;
Compared with sintered NdFeB magnets, injection molded NdFeB magnets have stronger corrosion resistance, are not easy to crack and fracture, and do not need cutting and other mechanical processing. The products have high yield, high tolerance precision after molding, smooth surface, good internal uniformity, uniform surface magnetic field, and strong corrosion resistance. When the charging multipole and polar distance are less than 1 mm, injection molded NdFeB magnets have unique advantages. It can magnetize all kinds of magnets in axial, radial and plane directions according to user's requirements, and adjust magnetization waveform to meet user's requirements, including sine wave and square wave.
Physical properties of injection molded NdFeB
Physical properties of NdFeB

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