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Processing methods of SmCo magnets with different shapes

In previous articles, we mainly introduced the processing of sintered NdFeB. Today, we turn to this article to introduce the processing methods of various shapes of SmCo magnets.
1. Sleeve hole processing of cylindrical samarium cobalt products
The cylindrical sleeve is made of specially designed awesome rods, which are directly drilled in the automatic hole punching machine. When machining, the products are relative to the hole rods (opposite direction of rotation), when the ends of the product are contacted by Kong Banggang, the axial feed force is small, the feed rate is very slow, and the cooling water is added to make the products slowly. It is grinded without heating and cracking. When the awesome rod enters the product 2mm, the axial feed force increases slowly, and finally stabilizes, so that the internal stress of the product will be released slowly. When the product is processed to the middle position of the product, it will stop and turn the product to the end. Therefore, this set of hole processing mode is most suitable for the processing of SmCo magnetic materials.
2. Medium hole machining of abnormal samarium cobalt
Special shaped samarium cobalt products are: tile, trapezoid, triangle, square and so on. When processing the middle hole, we first need to make a jacket of the special-shaped product. The inner shape of the jacket is the same as that of the special-shaped product to be processed, and the outer shape is a cylinder. In this way, the special-shaped product can be treated as a cylinder to process the middle hole, which makes the processing more convenient and improves the production efficiency.
3. Samarium cobalt machining of radial thin wall ring
Radial samarium cobalt magnet in processing thin-walled hole, the product is easy to crack, therefore, this kind of product in samarium cobalt magnetic material is the most difficult to process, a magnet manufacturer specially made a ring sleeve, with this sleeve to cover the product to be processed, and then put into the fixture, using the sleeve processing method to process the hole, so as to reduce the probability of product damage.
4. Processing of samarium cobalt with arc surface
The semi-automatic horizontal axis surface grinding machine can be used to replace the wire cutting processing in the arc-shaped samarium cobalt processing. The specially made movable fixture and customized forming wheel can be used for direct grinding. The processing efficiency can be increased to more than 2 times, and the symmetry and accuracy of the product can meet the requirements of customers.
5. High precision SmCo magnetic machining
With the development of science and technology, some high-end products come out constantly, which not only require high precision, but also put forward requirements for form and position tolerances such as concentricity and perpendicularity. The use of cylindrical grinder through the mandrel grinding outer diameter or steel wire reference grinding outer diameter can meet the requirements of concentricity, and the perpendicularity of square and cylindrical products, the use of special fixture, flat grinding, can ensure that the perpendicularity of products within 0.05mm.

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