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Material and application of 3M back glue magnet

3M adhesive magnet is a kind of magnet pasted with 3M adhesive on one side of the magnet. This paper mainly introduces the material and application of 3M adhesive magnet.
What kind of material is 3M back glue magnet?
3M back glue magnet
At present, the magnet materials pasted with 3M adhesive tape mostly use NdFeB strong magnetism. This combination combines the strong magnetism of NdFeB and the high viscosity of double-sided adhesive tape. With it, the adsorption problem of non-ferrous and iron objects can be solved. At the same time, the disposable use of double-sided adhesive tape and the difficult treatment of stains after use can be solved.
What are the uses of 3M adhesive magnets?
1. Used for DIY daily necessities and packing box
It must be pointed out that the double-sided tape magnets used on packaging boxes usually appear in pairs. For example: two small wafers, one is N-pole 3M glue, the other is S-pole 3M glue. In this way, in the process of use, the two surfaces without double-sided adhesive tape can attract each other and work. In order to reduce the cost, we can consider replacing magnet + magnet with iron sheet + magnet.
2. Storage of iron tools
Storage of iron tools
It can be used to store iron tools with durable magnetic force and strong load-bearing capacity. It can be used after tearing off the double-sided adhesive tape. It is recommended to stick it on a smooth surface.
3. The ornaments dropped from the hairpin are still very new. How can they be reused? Stick a small magnet on the back, it has a new use in a twinkling of an eye. Stick it on the refrigerator, you can do simple decoration, you can also stick a message.
4. Consumer electronics
The popular car magnet bracket in the past two years is the combination of 3M glue + magnet / iron sheet. Many products of car interior atmosphere lamp and ceiling lamp are made of 3M glue magnet.
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