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The advantages and disadvantages of motor ring magnets are introduced

The circular magnetic steel used on the motor is generally sintered ferrite magnet and injection molded ferrite magnetic ring. The disadvantage is that the magnetic properties of these two materials are poor.
Advantages are low cost, easy to assemble, and the general speed, such as about 5000rpm, magnetic steel outside without protection measures, but for the general motor is enough.
Ring sintered NdFeb, bonded NdFeb is also available, production and magnetization need special mold, so the cost is high.
In addition, various magnetization methods can be used to generate a good sinusoidal magnetic field, which is more reliable than usual in high-speed motor applications.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of ring sintered Ndfeb magnetic steel?

Advantages: simple structure, easy to install, save assembly cost.
Cons: Cost more than tile design.
Technically, the radiation ring has been very mature, some domestic and foreign big customers are in the batch use.
How large a magnetic steel can be magnetized into how many poles? Four poles and eight poles.
At present, the smallest diameter is 14mm, and the largest diameter is about 70mm. Specific specification still needs specific analysis.
How effective is the magnetization?
If compare to do the circular to make the cake, the magnetization polarization is cake cutting process, in theory, this little limit, how much you want to cut the piece, how many pieces, the magnetization coil winding (but too dense, difficult) eight common extremely extremely, 10, 12, both inside and outside, etc., if the circular diameter is small, the number of many, it also can't use ah, isn't it?
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