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Counterbore magnet outdoor application : close the wooden fence door

The application of magnet is very wide, many applications we have not seen, today we introduce a kind of countersunk (countersunk hole) magnet used in wooden fence fence to close the door.
These magnets can be fixed to the non-magnetic surface because of the countersunk screw holes in the middle. They can also be fixed on the wooden door. Simply screw an S-pole countersunk magnet into the gate, and then screw the N-pole countersunk magnet into the fence. It should be noted that the magnet should be flush with the gate and fence.
Counterbore magnet applications

When the gate is pushed to the closed position, the S-pole countersunk magnet will be attracted together with the N-pole countersunk magnet in the fence, and the gate will be closed. Because the magnet is installed in the gate and fence, it is safe and beautiful.
Application of counterbore magnet
As you can see, this solution is a simple, fast installation to keep your door closed. As this is an outdoor application, our experts recommend that you apply a protective paint on the magnet to reduce the risk of rain corrosion.
We are a magnet manufacturer. The specifications, performance and coating of counterbore (with hole) magnet you want can be customized according to your needs. Welcome to contact us!

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