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Introduction of suction and surface magnetism of 12mm diameter ferrite magnet

12mm diameter ferrite magnet is often asked by many customers. It is also a magnet specification commonly used in the market, with a large amount of consumption. The commonly used magnet specifications are 12x2mm, 12x3mm, 12x4mm, 12x5mm, 12x10mm and so on. How much suction of 12mm diameter ferrite magnet is also concerned by many customers. Today, the suction and Gauss use of 12mm diameter ferrite magnet are concerned Introduction.
Let's talk about its surface magnetism first. The surface magnetic range of round ceramic ferrite magnet with diameter of 12mm is usually between 700-1300gs. According to the performance grade and size, the Gauss size is also different.
Diameter 12 ferrite magnet
What is the suction of a 12mm diameter ferrite magnet?
The vertical tensile force of 12x3mm round ferrite Y30 is about 0.03kg
12x5mm (Y35) about 0.4KG vertical tension
12x10mm (Y10) about 0.25kg vertical tension
What are the uses of 12mm diameter ferrite?
It is widely used in electronics, life, home, packaging, personal experiment, instrument and other fields.
The above is about 12mm diameter magnet related introduction, if you need round ferrite magnet sample or inquire about the price, you are welcome to consult.

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