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Type introduction of neodymium ring magnet

Ring shaped neodymium iron boron magnet, also known as perforated magnetic steel, strong magnetic ring, is a kind of magnet widely used. In daily life, this kind of strong ring magnetic steel may be relatively rare, because they are mainly used in industrial machinery, electronic industry parts, and it is relatively easy to see ferrite ring magnet, which is the black ring magnet on the sound horn we played when we were young.
Many people think that the toroidal magnet is one kind, that is, the one with holes or holes in the middle. In fact, the toroidal magnet is also made into a variety of styles due to different needs of customers, as shown in the following figure.
Ring Nd-Fe-B magnets with various shapes and styles
Types of ring magnet
Most of the ring neodymium iron boron magnets are axial magnetization, i.e. the two end faces are strong magnetic faces, and a few customers will also use radial magnetization. According to experience, generally, the ones with larger height and size than the ones with larger diameter are radial magnetization, which are commonly used in the field of motors and automation equipment.
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