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Type and drawing introduction of counterbore hole magnets

Counterbore magnet, also known as counterbore strong magnet. The size of countersunk hole magnet is generally large D, d1 countersunk hole diameter, D2 straight hole diameter and H thickness (height).
Speaking of the magnet if you feel really strange, so I now to name a few, see if you feel very familiar with, home and children's toys, especially those robots, some large screw, looked at though it should be easy to find can be plucked, discovered, but the real practice the following especially hard to get, feel like there's something in the absorption, the magnet is round sink hole of a special kind of types: screw holes magnet.
Attach a 2D drawing of countersunk hole magnet【Sketch Map
drawing of countersunk hole magnet
The company can customize the performance of any specifications of ndFeb countersunk hole strong magnet, high temperature resistant countersunk hole magnet, block double countersunk hole magnet, magnet quotation is needed to make a sample welcome to the drawing.

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