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Anisotropic ferrite radial multipole magnetic ring (brief introduction Mold cost purpose)

Y30BH anisotropic ferrite radial multi-polar magnetic ring production, a technology in the industry has long been a magnet, ferrite magnetic ring is easy to produce radial poles, general magnet factory can production and processing, and production technology of ferrite radial multipole magnetic ring is limited by its strict technical advantage, especially the product specification of ferrite radial magnetic ring, the production process but also need good technology support.
The figure below shows an 8-pole magnetic ring radially filled with sintered ferrite. The surface magnetic field is up to more than 1800, which basically reaches a peak of ferrite magnetism.
In general, the cost of a set of conventional ferrite radial multi-pole magnetic ring and the cost of a magnetizing fixture is about 18000-25000 yuan, different products because of different requirements caused by the cost of the mold is not the same.
Finally, the main USES of the hetero-ferrite magnetic ring are:
Anisotropic ferrite multi-pole ring is mainly used in brushless motor, water pump motor, model aircraft motor, speed measuring motor, induction motor and other products. Hetero-ferrite radial multi-pole magnetic ring can replace the bonded ndfeb and injection ferrite magnetic ring commonly used in brushless motor with stable magnetism, uniform magnetic pole and strong magnetic force.

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