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List of main application fields of various grades of sintered ndfeb magnetic materials

Those of you who have bought neodymium iron boron strong magnets know that there are many grades of ndfeb magnet materials, because when you make an inquiry to the magnet manufacturer or take a sample, you will generally be asked what kind of performance grade or grade you need for neodymium iron boron. Magnets used for packing handbags, leather goods and the like are usually N series, N35 or lower.
The magnets used in the motor usually need high temperature resistance of more than 100 degrees, so H, SH material is more, so, when purchasing magnets also need to pay attention to, otherwise it may lead to the purchase of magnets not good, waste money.
Here are sintered ndfeb magnets in various brands do introduction main application field, the N and M series is mainly used in household appliances series products of MRI, sound and VCM, magnetic separator, consumer electronics, H series is mainly used in the field of motor and sensor, and to further improve SH series intrinsic coercive force, gradually applied to wind turbines, industrial motors, etc on the properties of magnets to demand higher areas, UH series and air-conditioning compressor used in automobile motor, while magnetic can best EH series in hybrid electric vehicle has been widely applied, solenoid valves and sensors, and other fields.
Ndfeb magnetic material (magnetic steel) brands N series, M series, H series main application field table small make up has been ready for you, please collect!
Main applications of various grades of NdFeB magnets
The above is about the main application fields of sintered NdFeB magnetic materials. If you need to buy magnets, please email or leave a message online.


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