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Rare earth neodymium magnet N38 material description and demagnetization curve chart

There are a lot of customers have such a worry, that is to worry about whether they buy the performance level they want, today to introduce the magnet grade verification and material description.
Take today's article for example, what is the meaning of the number 38 in rare earth magnet n38? How do you know it's N38?
When we look at the ndfeb performance grade parameter table, we can see that the remanence data of N38/N38M/N38H is the same as the maximum magnetic energy product data. The remanence data of N42 is higher than that of N38, indicating that its magnetism is stronger than that of N35 and lower than that of N52, indicating that its magnetism is lower than that of N52.
A result can be obtained: the maximum magnetic energy product is determined by the residual magnetism, and the higher the grade number is, the stronger the magnetism is.
Again, how do you determine which grade a magnet belongs to, as shown in the picture below
N38 performance test report
This is an important proof of information, is the ndfeb raw material sintering, through the demagnetization curve instrument, obtained demagnetization curve.
The figure below is the international standard for the material grade N38
N38 material report
We can see that the data in the performance report are in full compliance with international standards, which proves that the material meets the performance standards of ndfeb N38.

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