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What magnet is Y10t?Y10t magnet (application temperature-resistant magnetization)

As for y10t of magnet, some people will ask, what kind of magnet is y10t, and what is its temperature resistance? What are the methods of magnetization? Where is the main application? This article is all for you today.
What magnet is y10t?

A: it's a ferrite magnet, which belongs to the same-sex ferrite. That is to say, its magnetism is relatively weak. If you don't know the same-sex and opposite sex of the magnet, you can see the article "the difference between the same-sex ferrite and the opposite-sex ferrite"
What is the temperature resistance of y10t magnet?
The maximum operating temperature of y10t ceramic ferrite magnet is 480 ° F, which makes it a good choice for some high temperature applications.
What are the magnetizing methods of y10t magnet?
Because the product is isotropic, there are many ways of magnetization, such as along the length, width and height direction, single and double sided multipole magnetization, radial multipole magnetization and so on.
What are the applications of y10t magnet?
Common applications include speaker, liquid level gauge, motor, reed switch, Hall effect device, inductor, etc.
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