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The number of poles in the Hall sensing magnetic ring determines how much the pulse signal

The Hall sensor is a magnetic induction sensor. The magnetic ring and the Hall element form an inductive combination. The magnetic ring rotates with the rotor. The Hall induction rotates the magnetic ring with the rotor. The magnetic ring usually uses multiple pairs of poles (even numbers), such as 2 pairs of poles. 3 pairs of poles, 4 pairs of poles, etc., each pair is divided into two poles, N and S.

The Hall element triggers have three types of all-pole, two-pole and single-pole. The current water heater water flow sensor adopts more unipolar latching mode, that is, the N pole and the S pole sequentially output a pulse signal when passing through the Hall sensing position. In other words, is a pair of pole poles output a pulse signal, and the multi-pole poles output a plurality of pulse signals.
Holzer magnetic ring

It can be seen that the number of poles of the magnetic ring determines the number of pulse signals. More magnetic poles, More pulse signals generated by one revolution of the rotor, and the accuracy of Hall water flow sensor is higher. The existing Hall bipolar can realize one pulse signal of each of the S pole and the N pole, double the pulse signal output than the unipolar latch.

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