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Analysis of common types and causes of magnet magnetization defects

There are many kinds of magnetization methods for magnets, sometimes there will be errors, so it's very important to confirm with customers the magnetization method for magnets. Besides, there are many things to pay attention to. How can novice users order the magnets they want from magnet manufacturers?
Let's talk about today's topic. What's wrong with the magnetization of magnets?
1、 N-pole, S-pole reverse charging
Some of the more special magnets have this situation, such as a rectangular magnet with an oblique angle. Some customers require that the cutting angle be S-pole on the upper left corner. The probability of magnetization error of this magnet will be much higher.
2、 Wrong magnetization mode
Some of these may be due to poor communication with customers. For example, before Xiao Fu, a colleague filled a d3.5 * 20 cylindrical magnet with radial magnetization. The customer originally asked for axial magnetization, which is also quite special, but because they didn't confirm it, they made their own claims, resulting in magnetization errors. There are also errors in this way of magnetizing square magnets, such as thickness magnetization or side magnetization. On the motor, the tile magnet that requires matching magnetization is not matched magnetization, etc.
3、 Magnetization unsaturated
This situation is relatively rare, but there will also be, for example, a magnetizing fixture cylinder can only be filled with 20 circular magnets at a time, which may lead to the upper magnet magnetization unsaturated, of course, there are problems with the magnetizer.
These are some common phenomena of magnet magnetization defect. Welcome to collect this website and learn more about magnet.

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